The Results of the 1. Danish Internet Survey

Thanks to the survey participants, I am proud to present....

The Danish Internet Survey Results

Due to the immense amount of information provided by the survey results, I decided to present
the results in an executive summary, giving a clear description of the research questions
and the derived answers, as well as a graphical presentation of the results
to each question of the questionnaire.

Download the Executive Summary in Adobe Acrobat format.
If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, then you can get it here.

The original questionnaire of the first Danish Internet Survey is still available for viewing.

What's next ?

For the future, I will use the experience gained by developing this survey, to further improve the
quality of the 2. Danish Internet Survey. Therefore, I would also be glad if you could help
me to improve the next Danish Internet Survey by answering the following question:

Does your WWW browser support

 Frames     Yes   No   Don't know
  Java      Yes   No   Don't know
Shockwave   Yes   No   Don't know

If you would like to be notified when the 2. Danish Internet Survey is starting, which I plan to be in
October / November, then you can subscribe to the Danish Internet Mailing List

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