What is this survey all about ?

The Background

Every day one can hear about the endless possibilities provided by the Internet and the so called
World Wide Web, whoms ease to use made its popularity rocket sky high. Its this popularity,
which lets a lot of firms jump on the Internet as they expect the WWW to become the
goldmine of the future.

The Problem

As almost every business is rushing to the WWW in expectance to find gold, they know
little or nothing about Us, the people who are actually using the WWW.
The problem is therefore obvious :

How can a business be succesful in serving Us, the WWW user,
if they do not know all the aspects of Us as their audience and judges?

This is then also the main reason, why a promising business opportunity turns out to
waste the investors money as well as the WWW users money.

The Aim

To prevent the WWW user as well as investors from getting disappointed and wasting internet
resources a way of communicating with each other has to be found. Hereby the aim is
to improve the quality of the WWW supply for the WWW user.

The Solution

The Danish Internet Survey gives the Danish WWW user the possibility to tell their wishes and
preferences and giving them thereby the possibility to take active influence on the further
development of the WWW in Denmark !

Why Danish ?

There have been already a whole bunch of surveys on the WWW, but all of them was more or less
about the North American WWW user. As one could expect the Danish WWW user to be
different from the North American WWW user, it is indispensable to find out
what are the characteristics of the Danish WWW user.

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