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Website Portfolio

Below you find a small selection of sites that have been developed by BitEngines.


Website: QualitySSL

Description: The QualitySSL website sells trusted high quality 128 bit SSL Certificates based on the X.509 Industry standard.

Starting at only $125 for a 1 year certificate, QualitySSL Certificates are the most cost effective fully validated and supported SSL Certificates available today.

QualitySSL Certificates are compatible with Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 4+, Opera 5+, AOL 5+ and all versions of Mozilla and Safari.

This means that over 99% of the current Internet population inherently trust QualitySSL Certificates, which makes QualitySSL Certificates as trusted as the more expensive certificates from Verisign and Thawte.

QualitySSL Certificates are therfore fast becoming the choice for leading online retailers, development teams, ISP's and other professional bodies worldwide.

The QualitySSL website was built with Lasso middleware in order to make the website maintenance friendly, easy to extend and easy to translated to other languages.



Description: is a web based public relations system.

The system helps businesses to maintain an automatic, search engine enabled, online newsroom for their website and manage the distribution of news releases to an e-mail contact list.

The functionality behind the website is provided by a special content management system built with Lasso middleware.

Since the web service will be translated to several languages, a special framework was developed to separate the HTML content from the Lasso code.

The result is basically one set of function files that can operate independent of the language displayed on the browser side, which makes this website maintenance friendly and easy to extend.



Description: is a database driven news website that contains all the news releases published through the service.

The website makes use of the modular web programming technique developed for and therefore shares it's basic design elements. is also used to insure that all the news releases will be archived by search engine robots.

Since search engine robots do not index pages that are dynamically generated out of a database, a technique was developed to make all the pages on appear as a collection of static HTML pages that get indexed by search engine robots!


The Danish Internet Survey

Website: The Danish Internet Survey

Description: This true vintage website was made in 1996 to publish the results of the first Danish World Wide Web user survey ever conducted on the Internet.

The design of the website reflects the fact that in 1996 people were surfing the Internet with at best a 28.8 kbit modem using Netscape 1.1.

WYSIWYG HTML editors were non existent and Netscape did not support tables, so every thing had to be hand coded with a text editor!

Nevertheless, the first Danish Internet Survey was a great success, collecting responses from more then 500 people, which was 5% of all the Danish WWW users at that time.



Website: Mikromarc

Description: This website is the result of a cooperation with a graphic designer.

The design idea was to reuse part of the Mikromarc logo as a magnifying glass. Clicking on a link on the front page results in "zooming" into the content beneath.

BitEngines has delivered the DHTML programming for this small site. The graphic design was made by Hans von Hirsch.


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