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Skills Overview

Developing websites since 1996, when WYSIWYG HTML editors did not exist, Pascal Geuns has gained a tremendous amount of experience putting HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript at work for various websites throughout the years.

His tool of choice for building truly innovative Internet solutions in a minimum of time is Lasso, the leading cross-platform web middleware software.

Lasso web-enables databases and serves as the basis for complex web applications such as e-commerce solutions, events registration, survey systems, content management and more. Lasso’s innovative architecture enables one to deploy Internet solutions that are platform & database independent.

Pascal Geuns has been a Lasso developer since the first version of Lasso was available in 1996.

Having studied physics, he has the ability to analyze complex problems, while his marketing talent let him share his knowledge with non technical people.

Besides his technical skills, he is also polyglot being completely fluent in Danish, Dutch, English and German, with French, Norwegian and Swedish at negotiation level.

Hire Experience

Developing successful Internet solutions since 1996 has given Pascal Geuns a tremendous amount of experience and through his firm BitEngines, you can now profit from his experience for your next Internet project.

You can hire BitEngines for website development, website usability testing and Internet project consulting.

Let him know what you have in mind by sending an e-mail to

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